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Product varieties are all kinds of silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone surfactant additives, silicone softener series, fabric refining washing and finishing auxiliaries and solar silicon wafer cleaning agent and a series of products.

Keywords: all kinds of silicone oil, cleaning agent

异鞍环是对矩鞍环的改进,异鞍环填料的特点是将扇形弧面改进成带锯齿边缘的贝壳状弧面,并增加开孔使填料内外表面沟通、增加流体的自由通道,有利于液体分布和表面的更新,故较矩鞍环的处理能力高,压降小传质性能有所改善。 规格直径×高度×壁厚比表面积空隙率堆重堆积个数干填料因子mmm2/m3%kg/m3per/m3m-1φ3838×19×2178967525200201φ5050×25×1.516897689

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Metal filler series 、Plastic filler series


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规格 直径×高度×壁厚 比表面积 空隙率 堆重 堆积个数 干填料因子
mm m2/m3 % kg/m3 per/m3 m-1
φ38 38×19×2 178 96 75 25200 201
φ50 50×25×1.5 168 97 68 9400 184
φ76 76×37×3.0 130 98 52 3700 138


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With strong technical force and complete testing means, the enterprise has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. All kinds of tower internals, tower and packing products are widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, telephone fee, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, electric power, sewage treatment, coking gas and pharmaceutical industries, and are well received by users.




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