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Product varieties are all kinds of silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone surfactant additives, silicone softener series, fabric refining washing and finishing auxiliaries and solar silicon wafer cleaning agent and a series of products.

Keywords: all kinds of silicone oil, cleaning agent

塑料空心浮球:空隙率大、耐热、耐化学腐蚀,压降和传质单元高度低,泛点高,汽液接触充分、比重小、传质效率高等特点。在各种介质的使用温度为60-150摄氏度。   适用于:石油、化工、氯碱、煤气、环保等行业的填料塔器中。  浮球参数规格比表面积空隙率堆积个数堆积重量D×H×δαε%nγpmmm2/m3m3/m3个/m3kg/m325×12000.4415005438×1.21580.422000995

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Metal filler series 、Plastic filler series


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规 格 比表面积 空隙率 堆积个数 堆积重量
D×H×δ α ε% n γp
mm m2/m3 m3/m3 个/ m3 kg/m3
25×1 200 0.4 41500 54
38×1.2 158 0.4 22000 99
50×1.5 120 0.4 10480 83


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With strong technical force and complete testing means, the enterprise has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. All kinds of tower internals, tower and packing products are widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, telephone fee, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, electric power, sewage treatment, coking gas and pharmaceutical industries, and are well received by users.




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